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23,95 EUR*
Details THE JUST FRIENDS SYNDROME: Memoirs of a shy guy's search for true love

The Just Friends Syndrome "If I had been alone, I may have kept up my hopes after what she said. She did say a lot of nice things about me. She said she liked being with me, said how sweet I was, said she liked that I was so patient with her. But he ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Where's Wally? The Search for the Lost Things: The Search for the Lost Things

This is a fabulously festive sticker activity book with hundreds of stickers and a "Create Your Own Where's Wally?" scene. Join Wally and his friends in this sensational Santa themed sticker activity book. A new format for the "Where's Wally?" ...

10,41 EUR*
Details Feelings Can Be Friends

Feelings Can be Friends Through simple language and appealing illustrations this resource helps children envision feelings as friends that they can search for and get to know. Knowing and understanding their feelings can empower children and help them ...

6,49 EUR*
Details Do You Want to Be My Friend?

Do You Want to be My Friend? This classic tale of friendship tracks a small gray mouse's search for the perfect pal. He asks various animals the same question. "Do you want to be my friend?" But it's not until he meets another mouse that he is ...

15,99 EUR*
Details Knitted Birds: Over 30 fun feathered friends for you to knit

Over 30 fun feathered friends to knit. Step by step instructions & photographs for techniques such as sewing up, stuffing, and creating legs that will let your birds stand, perch or even cling to your finger. 128 pages. More Info: Search Press ...

12,75 EUR*
Details Castaway Kid: One Man's Search for Hope and Home (Focus on the Family Books)

Castaway Kid Mitchell is one of the last lifers raised in an American orphanage. Left by a dysfunctional family in an Illinois childrens home, he grew up with kids who were not friends but rather co-survivors. After becoming a Christian as a teenager ...

10,31 EUR*
Details Blue Diablo (Corine Solomon 1)

Blue Diablo The search for a missing friend leads Corine into a dark world of demons and sorcerers, ghosts and witchcraft, zombies - and black magic ... Full description

24,58 EUR*
Details Star Wars Omnibus

After The Empire Strikes Back, as Han Solo's friends continue to search for their lost scoundrel, Lando Calrissian joins Luke, Leia, Chewie, and the droids on their continuing, galaxy-spanning adventures. This title highlightes several tales focusing ...

8,95 EUR*
Details Kekkaishi, Vol. 11

Tragedy has struck the Yoshimori site, and each of our friends attempts to cope with their grief alone. Tokine searches for a secret way into Kokuboro's castle, Yoshimori trains for an ultimate confrontation, and Masamori returns home with a regiment ...

10,99 EUR*
Details Missing

Missing Ten-year-old Calvin presses forward on a cross-country road trip to California to attend the wedding of a family friend. But as the search for a missing girl widens state-by-state, Calvin can't shake the eerie feeling that he's being followed ...

9,16 EUR*
Details Girlz Rock 22: Pony Club

"While at the pony club, Ellie and Rachel make friends with a beautiful black stallion they call "Sir Bob". Their imagination runs wild as they ride off on Sir Bob in search of romance, adventure and a milkshake blender.

6,75 EUR*
Details The Honeymoon is Over

The Honeymoon is Over When an old-school pimp is released from prison after ten years, he reconnects with his friends in the old neighborhood and teams up with a young, dynamic pimp in search of his missing daughter. Original. Full description

7,99 EUR*
Details Picture Me Gone

When her father's best friend, Matthew, goes missing, Mila joins in the search. With her father she is on a road-trip across the USA. She collects information about Matthew from his belongings, from his wife and baby, from the dog he left behind and ...

13,47 EUR*
Details The Girl on the Wall

The setting of THE GIRL ON THE WALL is the Suez War and the first stirrings of the movement for nuclear disarmament. Joe and two friends are college lecturers who search in the Cotswolds for an underground base rumoured to be a safe place for ...

12,75 EUR*
Details What Mother Never Told Me

What Mother Never Told Me Parris McKay goes to France in search of her mother, but the meeting opens old wounds for both. Parris finds solace in two new friends who, like her, are coming to terms with a legacy of long-buried secrets. Full description

17,29 EUR*
Details Centauriad #2: A Gathering of Wings

A Gathering of Wings Accompanied by her closest friends, Malora leaves the safety of Mount Kheiron for the bush then the bustling city of the Ka in search of Sky, the stallion who used to lead Malora's herd of horses, and finds herself faced with ...

17,18 EUR*
Details How I Met Your Mother - Season 7 [DVD] [UK Import]

NOTICE: Polnische Ausgabe, Cover kann polnischen Markierungen enthalten. Dieser Artikel hat KEINE Deutsche Sprache und Untertitel. Ted searches for the woman of his dreams in New York City with the help of his four best friends.

46,98 EUR*
Details Lalaloopsy 527190 - Pearly Seafoam - Bubbly Mermaid Puppe [UK Import]

Lalaloopsy Seifenblasen Meerjungfrau Puppe - Pearly Seafoam [UK Import] - Pearly Seafoam was made from a pearl. - Her favorite thing to do is search for colorful sea glass to make necklaces for her friends. - Whenever she's lucky enough to find a ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills

Follow That Map! In this introduction to reading and using maps, Sally has lost her dog and cat, and Ritchie uses maps to trace Sally and her friends trail as they search for Max and Ollie. Full description

11,99 EUR*
Details Chasing Dean: Surfing America's Hurricane States

Chasing Dean Two childhood friends from small-town Wales meet in Miami for a summer road trip they've always dreamed of: to chase the swell of Hurricane Dean all the way up the US East Coast in search of once-in-a-lifetime surf. They embark on a ...

5,22 EUR*
Details Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Colour Adventure [UK Import]

Join Mickey and his friends as they gather colours to power up Professor Von Drakes Rainbow Colour Machine, paint and draw with Mickey, and travel to the end of the rainbow to search for Leprechaun Petes pot of gold. Episodes comprise: Mickeys Colour ...

7,77 EUR*
Details Maren's Journey: Discovering Family, Love, and the Ultimate Truth

Join Maren, a 26-year-old flight attendant from Galena, Illinois and her best friend Casey, who embark upon a journey of self-discovery. They both face challenges that will test their strengths, weaknesses, courage, and faith. As Maren searches for ...

8,62 EUR*
Details Sir Walter Raleigh: Founding the Virginia Colony (In the Footsteps of Explorers)

Sir Walter Raleigh When England's Queen Elizabeth I asked Sir Walter Raleigh to search for new lands to claim and colonize, her friend and loyal subject pledged to found a colony in tribute to his Queen. This exciting recreation of the founding, loss ...

12,26 EUR*
Details Murder At Fenway Park: A Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mystery (Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mysteries (Paperback))

Murder at Wrigley Field The year is 1918, a time of mixed blessings for Mickey Rawlings--he's starting for the Cubs and his hitting is at a career high; but his best friend, a rookie named Willie Kaiser, has just been murdered. Now, Mickey's search ...